About Us

    Ekubera.com is a premier leader in the advertising industry. We provide based affiliates with the tools and support to produce large commissions from our advertisers. We provide co-branded splash pages along with individual offer creatives. We also pride ourselves with dedicated support staff to assist you in promoting our network of advertisers. We view each account as an individual. We want to help you do well with our services.

    What is affiliate marketing?

    Affiliate marketing is an online method of compensating affiliates based on perfomance for the marketing effort that they make. Affiliate marketing is mutually beneficial because affiliates make additional revenue by monetizing their Websites, while advertisers sell more products or services in an effective manner since they only pay per performance

    How it works

    Advertisers pay publishers a set commission to send them referrals that generate sales or perform some sort of action. Publishers post links to the Advertiserís site through banner ads, text ads, e-mail campaigns, or any other media.